About Me
Questions Infinite

Thoughts swirl around in my head
I think, How can I be with you?
Do you truly love me as I you?
Are these feelings deep within,
mear illusions, or more?

My mind filled with confusion.
Why am I suddenly so "loveable"?
What makes me attract them so?
Why do girls I meet in person,
not think of me so?

Why must I break many hearts,
mine own included, and choose,
one girl over another,
when I know them all the same?
Must I make a choice so soon?

Isn't there enough pain,
without me dishing out more?
Must I be like the "lunch lady",
spooning awfulness to everyone?
Must I feel so much of this?

MY depression rages on,
will it ever end, find a conclusion?
I find diversion where I can,
doing things that distract me,
and give me moments of peace and clarity.

Am I just like a singularity?
A dark fill'd void?
My force great, and destructive,
Bringing matter into my darkness,
Distorting everything.

Like that anti-void "void", I have things,
Forever questions,
Forever timeless-time,
Forever feeling pain.

But then again, all that enters,
a great black hole,
makes its way out, as radiation,
X-Rays, Gamma Rays, and rays with such,
a short wavelength, we do not have names for them.

My Questions go on...
What is religion? How distorted is it?
What is God? A being, a light?
What is Life? A being, death?
What is a Question? Forever, Answer-less?

Don't ask