About Me

Gravity is the weakest force.
Gravity can be great,
Gravity can hold force enough,
to hold entire worlds together.
The greater the mass the greater,
The Gravity. That binds.

Love is our gravity.
But love is much stronger,
it can't hold masses together,
but it can bind us forever.
The greater our mutual feelings
for each other, the greater the
love that binds us, forever.

Gravity holds solar systems together.
Planets and star's gravity holding,
each other close, orbiting gracefully.
The only thing that can stop it is,
the death of one or the other.
When stars explode planets are melted.

Love holds us together.
Souls staying close to one another,
always coming back to each other.
And when one dies, the other's sorrow
can destroy itself, and cause you to melt.

What happens when a stray mass comes in?
The gravity fields become divergent as,
the other mass acts on the other two.
The two masses either collide, or are pushed,
pushed further apart, losing each other.

Love and gravity are both like our glue.
They hold us together, and allow life to flourish.
Happiness in turn becomes great.
Only when ripped apart, or when the glue fades,
do our souls and masses separate.

Its not hard to guess what this poem is about, and what it attempts to explain